Goodbye Goodnight

by Itchy Hearts

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Recorded in Andys living room in october 2010. John and Glenn came down from Brooklyn and we recorded these songs one day, and then started givin it out the next. Weren't even really a band yet. Then we became a band.


released October 24, 2010



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Itchy Hearts Brooklyn, New York

were a band

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Track Name: S.S.
oh lord gimme and my friends one happy day. i been countin on ramblin to get me home again i been counting on my family, closed the curtains on new york city last night, i closed my curtains on the new york city life. spent the night talkin at an old mans home walked through the streets at four in the mornin, never felt so alone. the doctor aint been straight with me, i been feelin so sick i just wanna know what it is. they say theyre puttin me back on my meds theyre gonna take away all my pain, but im scared that i wont be able to feel anything. there was a time when i was young and my adrenaline pumped, when i walked around people heard my feet thump, there was a time when i was smart, man, i could think so good, there was a time when i understood. but now im less of a man then i've ever been, my sadness scared away all my friends. my travelins over i jsut wait to get older. but theres a boy who says i saved his life i gotta get him up and stop steppin on myself cuz i see him in me. you can workship at the church if you got faith, get down on your knees and let yourself live. theres a life that needs advice that it wont waste, meet a girl make her your world, make her your wife. he said tell me only three lies ill be standin there by your side ill be your friend, youll know that in the end. when nothings goin your way no one hears the words that you say you gotta hold on, stay strong, move along. summer rolls in the gloves go back on the shelf, hes watchin from his window, he cant help himself. cuz the days are gettin longer but he aint gettin any stronger, he just sits and thinks of that girl. and how he used to belong to her, and how he used to sing songs for her, and he would open his arms for her. but if theres one thing that hes never gonna do hes never gonna admit that he needs someone to hold him up. theres too much worryin in the morning every man deserves to wake up feelin good about himself and about his health. if youre not knowin where your going and you cant keep a pace, run as fast as you can, make a plan when you burn out.
Track Name: Oars and Forks
Lately i feel i'd do anything just to spend more time with her, she dont know but i think im fallin in love. when i think of where i wanna be and who i wanna stand by me, shes the only thing i can ever think of.

ive seen her face many times before, always seen a friend and nothing more, until we talked just the other day. she walked in my door and she said hello, but this time when she smiled she glowed, now shes got me feeling kinda empty when she goes

she put me in a boat without an oar, she fixed me some soup but then she handed me a fork
then she took me by the hand, but i dont know what for

when i walked luck walked with me, and when i talked i talked free, i felt so sure but she brought me to my knees. and every car i saw was hers and when she asked i said of course, i'd do anything, would she do anything for me

she handed me an apple eaten to the core, right when we started laughin she headed for the door, i dont know if i can play these games anymore
Track Name: Two Boys
oh boy dont tell me that your spirits are dyin down, youre the only thing thats keepin me alive in this here town. i'd bleed blood for you, i need love from you. so tonight we'll hit the road, tonight we'll hit the road, im 16 years old i shoulda done it long ago, but tonight im on my way back home.

i've heard of ways of hoppin on those old freight trains downtown, oh girl this adventure's callin my name out loud, cuz im in love with it, i try but i just cant quit. but tonight i'll hit the road, im 16 years old, its ok to be alone but when you're 16 years old this loneliness takes a much harsher toll.

windows arent the most friendly place to sit, the cold air comes through like there aint nothin between you and it, and the streets down below, there's so many places to go, but no one to be there by your side, except the lies inside, and the two legs i need to ride, in the bushes we'll sleep and hide, yeah tonight i'll feel the wind on my skin.

oh boy i tell ya it seems my spirits are dying down, i been tryna figure out whether my companion was the road or this town. there was a time when it was you. it was to the ground with you. but now i gotta do it on my own. soon the moon will show me home. but i got my gloves i got my coat, i got three feet of snow, the blood from my lips froze, if i knew better i woulda known, rest the bridge rest my backbone, lay down before you go, i got one more night before tomorrow, then ill come out from below, when i was young, i was happy, i was alone.
Track Name: If She Asked Me
i traded my trip for her lips, i got so caught up in her hips. sometimes you meet a girl you won't ever forget.
i made it a plan to be a man, i felt the sand between our hands. but i'll never understand what she put me through

but if she asked me if i loved her, i'd say i do

i dont know if these feelings will last. i get so caught up in her laugh. we traded all of our future for all of our past.
i haven't seen her in a while. i get so caught up in her smile. everyones convinced im in denial but i know it aint true

but if she asked me if i loved her, i'd say i do

i know i can't hold back. ill move on and that'll be that. but sometimes the truth is truer than the facts.
in the shadows where i hid, i got so caught up in getting rid, of these feelings that no one can kill as a kid.

but if she asked me if i loved her i'd say i did

why try if i can't. i get so caught up in her dance. i see her too often to even get a chance.
thats it. now its through. i got so caught up in you. you eyes on something new and mine are too.

but if you asked me if i loved you i'd say i do